High Level, Alberta, Canada is a commercial centre and wilderness frontier located in the Mackenzie Country region of Northern Alberta. Alberta travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to High Level, Alberta, Canada with the Alberta EH Tourism Guide
Picnic Site
A picnic site on the side of Highway #35 at the information centre in High Level, Alberta, Canada.

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Hotels, Motels and Inns
The main street in High Level is Highway #35 and along each side of the highway are many hotels, motels and inns just like a vegas strip.

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Flags of Nations
A set of flags blow in the northern prairie wind as we sit and have a lunch at a road side picnic area in the village of High Level, Alberta Canada.

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Totem Pole
A totem pole on the side of Highway #35 in the village of High Level, Alberta.

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One of the historic artifacts on display in High Level, Alberta.

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Main Highway
Highway #35 as you are approaching the village of High Level, Alberta, Canada.

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Highway #35
The highway rolls along slicing a path through the boreal forest in Northern Alberta near the community of High Level, Alberta, Canada in Mackenzie Country.

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Information Centre
Welcoming centre in High Level on Highway #35 as we arrive from the Northwest Territories.

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