Gold River, BC, Canada is a Northwest Vancouver Island Village located in British Columbia. Vancouver Island Adventure Travel Click Here - Plan a trip to Gold River Vancouver Island with eh Canada Adventure Travel
Welcome Centre
Information Located at entrance to village

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Rainy season run off

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Upana Caves
Directional trails Caving in Gold River

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Water views from hilltop

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Star Lake
Swimming Recreation lake in the region

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Swimming and canoeing on Star Lake

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Picnic on the Lake
Picnic on Star Lake

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Picnic Site
Picnicking at Star Lake

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Welcome Sign
Entrance to village Entrance to community

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Pine Bluffs
Rreflections of mountains Reflections of mountains on lake

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Spawning Salmon
Look closely Nesook River

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Nesook River Bed
Spawning river in region Salmon spawning river in the area

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Nesook River
Spawning river in region Salmon spawning river

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Sightseeing Tours
MV Uchuck provides sightseeing tours

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Views from Gold River marina

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