Biking Trails
Biking recreation trails in the Queen Elizabeth Park, which is part of the River Valley Park system, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Swimming Pool
The public swimming pool in the Queen Elizabeth Park in the City of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Recreation Trail
Paved trails, popular for biking, walking, jogging, roller blading and cross country skiing, located throughout the City of Edmonton

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Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton
The buildings of the Muttart Conservatory. A popular attraction in the Edmonton, Alberta region.

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Pyramid Power
Pyramid at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Bridge ay Muttart
Walking bridge on the grounds of the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Gardens of Muttart Conservatory
Some of the floral gardens at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Fair Times in Edmonton
Outddor amusement park in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Millenium Place
Millenium Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Recreation Facilites in Mill Woods
Mill Woods Recreation Centre is just one of many in the community of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Grassy Fields
Grass fields in the prairie community of Edmonton, Alberta.

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Edmonton Bike Paths
A section of the paved bike path which explores throughout Edmonton, Alberta.

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Duck Gossip
Some ducks gather for some local gossip in Harris Park in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Picnicking in Edmonton
One of the many picnic tables located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta.

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One of the many tree lined boulevards of the surrounding Edmonton neighbourhoods.

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