Crowsnest Valley is a unique municipality consisting of small hamlets and towns located in the Crowsnest Pass of the Rocky Mountains in the southwest region of Alberta, Canada. Alberta travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to the Crowsnest Valley, Alberta, Canada with the Alberta EH Tourism Guide
Frank Slide
Frank Slide
Frank Slide is a 1903 landslide that came crashing down from the slopes of Turtle Mountain at 4:10 in the morning. The slide destroyed many buildings and many lives in just over 90 seconds. Today there are lookouts overlooking the slide.
Leitch Collieries
Leitch Collieries
Leitch Collieries is a historical sightseeing destination located near Bellevue in the Crowsnest Pass. The 1907-10 sandstone buildings including a washery, powerhouse, coke ovens and Hamilton House are impressive to view.
Valley Views
The valley below us and the mountains around us as we stop and enjoy the views in the Crowsnest Pass region of Alberta, Canada.

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A hill top view of some farmer`s field with the Rocky Mountain Range in the background while we were exploring in the Crowsnest Pass.

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Mountains Everywhere
A mountain that really sticks out as we drive on the highway exploring in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.

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Caravan of EH
The EH Tourism road show pulls over so to enjoy some of the views of the Crowsnest Pass.. and stretch their legs.

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Wind Power
As we explore in Crowsnest Pass we came across a farmer`s field with windmills dominating the horizon.

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Crowsnest Mountains
Peaking mountains in Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada.

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More Mountains
Everywhere we go there are mountains in the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada.

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Mountain Highways
The drive through Crowsnest Pass is a very scenic one with many opportunities to enjoy views of mountain ranges.

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Mountains of Snow
This mountain dominates the skyline as we explore in Crowsnest Pass in the province of Alberta, Canada.

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Alberta Border
The entrance sign on Highway 3 in Crowsnest Pass when crossing into the province of Alberta from the province of British Columbia.

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Highway 3
A view of the highway in the community of Coleman with the majestic, snow capped peaks of mountains in the background and in almost every direction. Heavenly.

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Large Piggy Bank
A giant steam train in a park in the Hamlet of Coleman advertised as a piggy bank.

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Picnic Area
A small picnic day use area on Highway 3 when entering the Hamlet of Coleman in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

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EH Tourism in Alberta
The EH Tourism brothers are excited to be back again in Alberta for research and exploring for their EH Tourism websites.

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Welcome to Crowsnest Pass
The welcome sign on Highway 3 when entering the region known as Crowsnest Pass in the provincie of Alberta, Canada.

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