West Kootenay Community Castlegar in the West Kootenays
Views from hilltop of community Views from community

892 hits

Highway near Castlegar Transportation routes in Castlegar

942 hits

Homes in community Residential homes in Castlegar

926 hits

Zuckerberg Island Foot Bridge
Bridge connecting to Zuckerberg Island Hiking on Zuckerberg Island

1005 hits

Zuckerberg Island in Castlegar

931 hits

Doukhobor Suspension Bridge
Historic landmark in Castlegar Historic suspension bridge in Castlegar

1460 hits

Railroad Tracks
Trains in Castlegar

753 hits

Castlegar Airport on Hwy 3a Local airport in Castlegar

812 hits

Community path near bridge Bridge walkway in Castlegar

753 hits

Columbia River Bridge
Columbia River Bridge in Castlegar

791 hits

Brilliant Dam
Dam on Kootenay River Dam near Castlegar

814 hits

Brilliant Dam
Kootenay River Dam Dam on Kootenay River in Castlegar

850 hits

Side Streets in Town
Streets of downtown Streets of Castlegar

805 hits

Highways and downtown streets Stop lights in town

782 hits

Donwtown parking and coffee houses Motorbikes in Castlegar

787 hits