Vineyard picnic area
Picnicking among grapes Vineyard social scene area

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Winfield Farm Fields
Views from the backcountry Fields in Winfield backcountry

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Views of Oyama
Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lakes Lakes and orchards of Oyama, BC

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Lake Country Robin
Riding the post in Lake Country Birding near Winfield

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Irrigation Flume
Waterway used by the pioneers Old remains from the good old days.

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Old Pickers Laddder
Wooden ladder used by fruit pickers in the day. Picking fruit in the old days.

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Kalamalka Lake
Views from Oyama Orchard on the shores of Kalamalka Lake.

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Old Flume
Remains of Irrigation flume in Oyama. History aging fast.

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Orchard Rows
Walking in an orchard Blooms in an orchard

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Oyama Orchards
Views of trees and lake. Orchards in Oyama

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Colors in Oyama Blooms in spring.

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Wood Lake
Hillside views of the lake. Wood Lake near Oyama.

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Wood Lake
Railway runs by Wood Lake Trains and tracks near Wood Lake.

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Wood Lake
View from highway near Oyama Wood Lake from the shoreline.

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Art in Town
Being creative in the community of Winfield Sculpture in the community of Winfield.

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