Sunflowers in the Sun
Sunshine day in the country Sunflowers

913 hits

Flowering gardens in the orchard. Sunflowers in the sunshine.

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Pumpkin Harvest
Pumpkins for pie and Halloween Pumpkin patch in orchard.

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Plums in an Okanagan Orchard Plums in the Okanagan Valley.

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Mmmm.. Peaches
Peaches in orchard in Lake Country Peaches

937 hits

Peaches in the Okanagan Valley Juicy peaches in an Oyama Orchard.

953 hits

Apple a day in Oyama. Apples in a orchard in Lake Country

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More Grapes
Grapes in hiding. Grapes

930 hits

Green Grapes
Grapes hanging in vineyard Grapes in Lake Country

1143 hits

Vines and Grapes
Vineyard of fine grapes in the Okanagan Grapes

929 hits

Purple grapes in bunches. Grapes in Lake Country

951 hits

Purple grapes in Okanagan winery Grapes and wine.

904 hits

Tractors of the past
Collection of old tractors in a farm. Tractors of pioneers lining the highway in an orchard.

1108 hits

Highway 97
Highway between Winfield and Oyama Winfield and Oyama Highway 97

966 hits

Coffee Shop
Java stop in a cloud of grapes. Coffee Shop surrounded by grapes

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