Pre Historic Museum Attraction
Bareback Riding
Mammoth wild ride in Whitehorse

1997 ýtt á

Mammoth Thrills
Thrill of the picture

2132 ýtt á

Photogenic mammoth and brotherly company

2114 ýtt á

Bro and some mammoth company while researching in Whitehorse

2377 ýtt á

Mammoth Hug
Giving some love to history in Beringia

2276 ýtt á

Mammoth Moment
Researching with mammoth in Whitehorse

2328 ýtt á

Interpretive Sign
Information sign near mammoth in parking lot

2240 ýtt á

Interpretive Trail
Trail leads from Parking lot to museum

2022 ýtt á

Hiking Trail
Trail leads from parking lot to museum

1995 ýtt á

Main entrance Interpretive Building

2500 ýtt á

Wolves hunting in packs

2130 ýtt á

Interpretive Signs
Signs outside on trail & in Parking lot

2547 ýtt á

Glass display of mammoth herd

2166 ýtt á

Bear in the wild with a glass reflection

2345 ýtt á

Paintings of the First Nation people

2397 ýtt á