Natural Attraction
Louise Falls
The power of the Hay River

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Louise Falls
Views from lookout

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Louise Falls
Up close and personal and a little wet

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Boardwalk Hiking Trail
Trail connecting Louise and Alexandra Falls

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Spiral Stairs
Eh Tourism on location

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Spiral Staircase
Stairs leading from trail to top of falls

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Parking Lot
Signs help direct people to the trail and falls

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Twin Falls Gorge
Entrance to Louise Falls and Alexandra Falls

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Picnic Shelter
Kitchen Shelter located on hiking trail

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Hay River Canyon
Whitewater of the Hay River viewed from lookout on hiking trail

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Hay River
View of river canyon from Louise Falls

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Picnic Area
Located along trail and at trailhead

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Day Use Area
Picnics and fire pits

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Views of Hay River
Exploring in Twin Gorge Park

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Lookout Deck
Views of Louise Falls and Hay River Canyon

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