Highway #8
Start Sign
Signage at start of highway

2802 hits

And the Journey Begins
Beginning of Dempster Highway in Yukon

2632 hits

The Road Ahead
The highway near the Richardson Mtns

2612 hits

Richardson Mountains in View
Traveling the Demspter Highway

2844 hits

Highway Travel
Blue skies ahead

2789 hits

Richardson Mountains
Highway travel near the mountains

2747 hits

Seagull Invasion
Waiting for the Peel River Ferry

2762 hits

Night Time Travel
Peel River Ferry crossing in the dark

3232 hits

Peel River boating

3501 hits

Boats on the Peel River

4063 hits

Golden glow on the Peel River

3378 hits

Mama and Cub
Grizzly sighting on Dempster Highway

3474 hits

Looking Both Ways
Bear sighting on Dempster Hwy

3214 hits

Bear Sighting
Wildlife on the Demspter Hwy

3521 hits

Olgivie River
Rivers on the Dempster Highway

2748 hits