Borden Park is a recreation, activity, event and picnic destination in the community of Edmonton popular for swimming, picnicking, events and tennis.
Bandshell in Borden Park
An outdoor bandshell for events in Borden Park in Edmonton Alberta.

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A water fountain in Borden Park for those hot and thirsty adventures.

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Playing in Borden Park
A playground area for children and families in Borden Park.

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Outdoor Pool
An outdoor wading pool in Borden Park.

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A fountain erupts nearby as we explore the trails in Borden Park.

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Recreation Trail
A trail explores the large grassy lawns under the shade of trees in Borden Park in Edmonton, Alberta.

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A Doggy Time-Out
Someone takes a few seconds to cool down with her dogs in one of the ponds in Borden Park.

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Recreation in the Park
One of the recreation trails which explore Borden Park popular for walking, jogging and biking.

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Borden Park Sign
The entrance sign welcoming people to Borden Park in the City of Edmonton.

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Park Views
Borden Park is a well manicured area with lots of shade, hiking trails and ponds and pools.

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Splash Park
A pond and fountain are a centre of attention for children on a hot summer day.

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Outdoor Swimming Pool
A very popular destination in the summer months is the outdoor pool in Borden Park.

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