Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Area is a cattle farming and activity destination popular for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, picnicking, canoeing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing & snowmobiling.
Group Picnic
A group of people dressed in moose antlers are enjoying some quality time outdoors picnicking in the park.

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Fire Pits
Sitting benches and fire pits located at the main reception buildings of the recreation area.

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Lost Lake Trail
A photo of one of the recreation dirt trails exploring the forest in the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Recreation Area.

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Day Use Picnic Site
One of the many picnic sites in the park with picnic tables.

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Planning a HIke
Someone is studying his trail maps prior to heading out on an adventure in the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Recreation Area

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Picnicking in Blackfoot
A group gathers at a picnic site on the grassy lawns of the Interpretive centre and the Blackfoot Administration Headquarters.

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Staging Areas Sign
One of the many road signs on the major roads surrounding the park directing people to trailheads, staging areas, lakes and picnic sites.

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Main Building
The main information centre in the recreation area.

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Bus Tours
The Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Recreation Area attracts many group functions for acvtivities like picnicking, hiking, xc skiing and birdwatching to name a few.

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Interpretive sign explaining the history and geography of Beaver Hills on the Beaver Pond Hiking Trail in the Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Recreation Area.

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Information Sign
Throughout the recreation area are trails with information signs depicting the region, geography and history of the area. Many like this one includes a trail map.

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Beaver Pond Trail
A 2.6 kilometre easy-going loop trail exploring a grassland-wetland bog with beaver dams and a possible beaver sighting.

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