Mile "O" Alaskan Hwy Community
Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway
Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson Dawson Creek, BC to Fort Nelson, BC
Kiskatinaw Park
Kiskatinaw Park
Historic Bridge on Old Alaska Hwy
Old Alaska Hwy
Old Alaska Hwy
The first route of the Alaska Hwy
Peace Park
Peace Park
Community Park & Trails
Dawson Trail
Dawson Trail
Community Walking Path
Leoppky Park
Leoppky Park
Interpretive Park & Trails
N.A.R. Park
N.A.R. Park
Railway Park & Alaska Hwy Northern Alberta Railway Park & Mile "0" on Alaska Hwy
Rotary Lake
Rotary Lake
Community swimming hole Community Swimming Hole
Walter Wright Pioneer Village
Swan Lake
Swan Lake
Lake & Picnic Park
Statue at Sunset
Metal western statue in N.A.R. Park

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Welcome to Mile Zero
Sign celebrating the Alaska Hwy

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Welcom to Dawson Creek
Home of World Famous Alaska Highway

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Photo Album Mural
Documents Dawson Creek History

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Grain Elevator
Located in N.A.R. Park

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Pioneers Chowing Down
Mural of the Pioneers

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Travel Alaska Hwy postage Stamp Mural
How tough it was in the old days

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Losing a Load on Alaska Hwy Mural
Truck is toast on old Alaska Hwy

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Postage Stamp Mural
Stuck in mud

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Wildlife Mural
Buildings decorated with assorted wildlife drawings

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Historic Mural Project
Memory Lane of Murals

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Rickety Rigs Mural
Murals with humour

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Dawson 5 Cent Store Mural
Located downtown

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G. Kittson Druggist Mural
Drug store of yesteryear

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Peace River News Mural
Documenting the Railway Documenting the Railroads

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