Northern Peace Country
Beatton Park
Beatton Park
Charlie Lake and trails Charlie Lake and Trails
Centennial Park
Centennial Park
Community floral garden park
Charlie Lake
Charlie Lake
Community lake destination
Peace Island Park
Peace Island Park
River, trails and Trading Post River, trails and heritage buildings
Fish Creek Community Forest
Fish Creek Community Forest
Interpretive hiking trail routes
Heritage Walking Tour
Heritage Walking Tour
Informative plaques on history of community
Rotary Park
Rotary Park
Wetlands, Birdwatching and Charlie Lake Wetlands and Charlie Lake
Taylor BC
Taylor BC
Neighboring community
Welcome Sign
Entrance to the community

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Old wagon wheels on display

1223 hits

Farming of Yesteryear
Old buildings in farming fields

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Oil Well
Pumping dollars

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Total Off Road Package
Reading to hit the backroads on ATV

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Old Farming Equipment
Located at local museum

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Pioneer Cabin
Located at the local museum

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Local Museum
Pioneer buildings

990 hits Jeep
Walking back from taking picture of wildlife near Doig River

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Hay and Tractors
Rows and rows of hay.

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Rolling Hills
Farm fields in the back country

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Statue on Main Street

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Colors of Downtown
Main street flower pots

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Shrubbery of Downtown
Sidewalks lined with flower pots and trees

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Family Downtown
Mother and her child out for a stroll

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