Extensive park sytem near community
Gruchy Beach Trail
Gruchy Beach Trail
Trail leading to private sandy beach
Group Campsite
Group Campsite
Another section to park
Hiking Trail
Tall Spruce Trail

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In Day Use area is a playground for kids

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Picnic Shelter
Excellent for group campers

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People Exploring
Getting the full sense of the lake on a beautiful day

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Good for swimming and boating

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View of Lake
From on top of Thornhill Mountain

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Shoreline Views
Lake is peaceful from this vantage point

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Lake Views
Mountains and calm waters on this day

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Entrance Sign
Sign marking the entarnce to campground

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Walking Bridge
Small trail connecting playground with washrooms an dday use area

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Picnic Tables
Rows of lunch tables in day use area

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Beach Views
Beautiful blue sky day from shore

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Volleyball Net
Waterfront sand courts

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Boat Launch
Boat access to the large lake from the park

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