Heritage Village Site
Billy Barker
Original of Barkerville

3093 hits

Actors picking up mail
Post Office

2006 hits

Beautiful antique stove in pioneer home

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Row Houses
Settler Buildings

1980 hits

Inside Pioneer Home
Dining room in settler home

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Lee Chong General Merchant
China Town in Barkerville

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Heritage Buildings
Old buildings line Main Street

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Settler Cabin
Buildings with many stories

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Carriage Tours
Carriage horses walk down Main Street

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Ladies of Town
Period customes of the actors

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Interpretive Tours
Actors tell the stories of the historic town

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Beautifully Dressed Actors
Period customes full of color

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Working Actors
Pioneers go about their daily lives

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School House
Planks sidewalk leading from school house

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Post Office
Pioneer characters in the local post office

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