Provincial Day Use Park Provincial day use park and beach
Moyie Lake
Views peeking over top of trees Hilltop views of Moyie Lake

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Lake Views
Views looking down Moyie Lake Views of Moyie Lake

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Views of Lake
Hilltop views of Moyie Lake Moyie Lake views from the hilltop

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Log Jam
Debris left behind by winter storms Logs blown ashore by winds and rain

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Sandy Beach
Views of long public sandy beach Sandy beach on Moyie Lake

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Beach Log
Views of Moyie Lake and sandy beach Beach views from the day use area.

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Interpretive Sign
Information on local eco system Signs about habitat in the park

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Park Entrance
Welcome to Moyie Lake Park entrance to Moyie Lake

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Sheltered Picnic Table
Picnicking on the shores of Moyie Lake Picnic table in the park

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Day Use Area
Large picnic and grass lawn area Day Use Area by Moyie Lake

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Picnic Table
Picnic table shelter in day use area Picnicking in day use area.

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