Popular natural hot springs in the Kootenay National Park.
Sinclair River
Steaming creek flows into the hot spring resort Steam rising from creek

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Hiking Trail
Trail from overflow parking lot to hot springs Trail following Sinclair River

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Outdoor Patio
Watch and eat overlooking hot springs Patio Eating area at the hot springs

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Walking route to and from hot spings Walkway to resort

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Hot Springs
Second hot spring pool Second pool at the hot springs

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Umbrella Tables
Pool side recreation Umbrella sitting tables

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Overhead Walkway
Walkway leading around hot springs Cement overhead walkway

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Hot Spring Sitting Area
Sinclair Creek Hot spring and umbrellas

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Hot Spring Pool
Views from walkway of hot spring Views from cement walkway

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Hot Spring Pool
Secong main pool of hot spring Hot spring pool

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Main Pool
Swimming pool of hot spring Main pool of attraction.

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Main Pool
Views from walkway of hot spring Hot spring from viewing walkway

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Underground Tunnel
Sign to tunnel walkway under highway Hot Spring sign to underground walkway

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Highway Tunnels
Hwy #93 rock tunnels Tunnel on Highway #93

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Information Plaque
Geography and history plaque of the Red Mountains

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