Hiking Trail in Castlegar
Trailhead and Walking Sticks
Beginning of hiking trail Trailhead of Merry Creek

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Hiking Trail
Trail wanders in the trees Hiking the Merry Valley Trail

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Merry Creek Foot Bridge
Foot bridge crossing Merry Creek Merry Creek hiking trail

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Hiking in the Woods
Big Cedar Trail Trees on Big Cedar Trail

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Iverson Brook Foot Bridge
Bridge crossing little brook on trails Iverson Brook on Merry Creek Trails

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Big Cedar Trail Post Marker
Posts marking the hiking trail Big Cedar Trail

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Trail Junction
Meeting of Mery Valley and Big Cedar Trails Meeting of Merry Valley and Big Cedar Trails

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Sunshine Hiking
Hiking in the sun in the shade of trees Hiking Merry Creek Trails

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Hiking in the Woods
Section of Big Cedar Trail Hiking the Big Cedar Trail in Merry Creek Trails

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Information Trail Sign
Trailhead sign in the park Trailhead of Merry Creek Trails

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Forestry Road & Hiking Sign
Pointing the way on gravel backcountry roads Forestry gravel road sign to Merry creek Trails

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