Hiking Trail in Castlegar
Highway #3
Highway leading to trailhead Highway #3 leading to the trailhead

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Picnic Area
Trailhead picnicking area on trail Picnic Table at trailhead

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Columbia River
Views from hiking trail Views from the Mel DeAnna Trail

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Wooden Steps to Lookout
Steps leading from the parking lot Hiking the Mel DeAnna Trail

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Hiking Trail
Hiking along a ridge Hiking in the Mel DeAnna Trail

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Hiking in the Woods
Single track trail leading to ponds Hiking the Mel DeAnna Trail

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Monument Dedication
Dedicated to Mel DeAnna Monument at trailhead

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Viewing Bench
Viewpoint near trailhead Sitting bench at viewpoint

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Viewing Bench
Views of Columbia River Valley Views of Columbia River

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Trailhead Gate
Beginning of hiking trail Trailhead of Mel DeAnna Trail

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Columbia River
Views from trailhead Columbia River from Mel DeAnna Trail

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