Provincial Park near Nelson, BC
Marina near the park Marina near the Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

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People out on the water Boating in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

1041 hits

Boat Launch
People out on the water Boat launch in the park

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Kokanee Creek
Creek running wild Creek in the park

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Day Use Area
Picnic tables and sandy beach Day Use Area in park

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Picnic Table
Picnicking in Day Use Park Picnicking in Day Use Area

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Day Use Area
Picnic tables and sandy beach Picnicking in the park

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Grizzly Bear
Wildlife Museum in Information Centre Grizzly in museum

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Interpretive Signs
Signs outling the surrounding environment Information signs located throughout the park

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Children playground in the park Playground in the Kokanee Creek Park

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Spawning Channel
Part of the spawning channel Interpretive trail leads to spawning channel

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Spawning Channel
Interpretive path in the park leads to channel Spawning Channel in the park

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Grassland Trail
Trailhead sign in the park Hiking trail in the park

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Thicket Trail Sign
Directional sign in the park Trail signs in the park

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Walking Path
Gravel path in the park along creek Walking in the trees

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