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Mountain Views
Looking out from Mt. Tzouhalem

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The Cross
The peak on Mt. Tzouhalem

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Grise Bay
Research trip getting a bit wet Getting wet on this research trip

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Mountain Biking EH
Mountain bikes ready to go Mountain bikes loaded up and ready to go

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Adventure Cap
Adventure on the trail

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Trailhead on the lake Tenting on trailhead on the lake

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EH Tourism
Bro getting set for some boarding Bro getting set for boarding down the mountain

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EH Tourism
Bro riding the lifts Bro riding lift

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Long Way Down
Bro on edge ready to drop down Bro ready for drop down

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Riding  the Lift
All smiles when boarding

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EH T ourism Snowboarding
Smiles on Mount Washington Smiles on a beautiful snow day

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Saratoga Beach
Bro walking the beach Walking and researching Saratoga Beach

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Oyster River Flood Plains
Bro checking out the plains Birdwatching on the Oyster River Nature Park

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Bro on Location
Researching Saratoga Beach

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Base Camp in Winter Harbor Camping in Winter Harbour on the coast

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