Northwest Vancouver Island Village
Whale Bones
Rib bones of a whale on display Bones of whale on display in town

1373 hits

Whale Gun
Artifact and monument Winter Harbour was once a whaling town

1426 hits

Sunken Posts
Old posts from pier What was once a dock is now old, sunken posts

1308 hits

Gravel Road Sign
Forestry on local gravel back country roads Forestry sign on local gravel roads

1378 hits

Whale of a Town
Entrance sign to village Welcome sign entering village

1619 hits

Dolphin Carving
Wood carving from local B&B Local B&B wood carving

1205 hits

Community Information
Sign in centre of community Sign in middle of community

1223 hits

Waterfront Pier
Local pier on waterfront in community Community pier on waterfront

1107 hits

Waterfront Docks
Boats and services in community Boats and services in local marina

1113 hits

Fishing Boats
Docked for the night Fishing vessels docked for the night

1171 hits

Moored boats and docks Boats and docks in marina

1077 hits

Log Home
Cool looking home with view Neat home with cool view

1256 hits

Flower Gardens
Boat of flowers in someones yard Boat full of flowers

1087 hits