Northwest Vancouver Island Village
Run off creeks on road to Holberg Gravel road run off creeks to Holberg

944 hits

Gravel Road to Holberg
Roads leading from Hardy to Holberg Gravel road connecting Hardy to Holberg

979 hits

Gravel Warning Sign
A different and straight forward approach To the point about back road driving

915 hits

Georgie Lake
Lake on road to Holberg Recreation lake north of Hardy

1546 hits

Wheels gone wrong Wheels in water

1309 hits

Post Office
Mail anyone Mailing in Holberg

1151 hits

Kids Park in village

1140 hits

Pillars of History
Holberg Inlet Posts are left to nature

1220 hits

Saling in the inlet Holberg docks on the inlet

1347 hits

Village Street
Village of Holberg Streets of town

1210 hits

Regional Map
Map of the region Regional map in Holberg

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Entrance to village Welcome sign for Holberg

1220 hits

Stumped on Forestry
Forestry office in Holberg Forestry in the region

1178 hits

General Store
Shop in Holberg Shop of all trades in Holberg

1368 hits

Coastline and dead wood Coastline of Holberg

1276 hits