Winfield Forestry Recreation Lake Backcountry Recreation Lake.
Entrance Sign
Doreen Lake Recreation Site Sign marking the entrance to the Doreen Lake Recreation Site

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Shore access to Doreen Lake. Doreen Lake shoreline access.

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Gravel Roads
Forestry roads leading to lake. Access roads to Doreen Lake.

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Peek-a-boo Lake Views
Doreen Lake Lake views.

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Shadows and Lake Views
Forest shoreline of Doreen Lake. Lake views.

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Beautiful Lake Views
Sitting on the shoreline Views from the shore of Doreen Lake.

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Dirt Biking
Off roading the gravel roads near Doreen Lake. Offroading and camping on Doreen Lake.

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Setting up camp on the lake. Doreen Lake camping.

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Off Roading
Atv and dirt biking in the backcountry. Doreen Lake recreation in the backcountry.

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