Winfield Forestry Recreation Site Backcountry recreation lake.
Reeds and Reading
Taking some time out to relax. Shoreline relaxing with a good book.

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Reading a Good Book
Reading and lakes. Reading on the lake.

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"You got the tackle?"
Getting all the ducks in a row for fishing. Fishing and tackle.

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Dog Views
One of the campers pets. Lake has gone to the dogs.

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Fishing Boats
Roof top boat launch. Fishing on Island Lake.

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Wooden Kayak
Kayakaing the lake. Kayak in the reeds.

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Beached boats. Boats on the shore of Island Lake.

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Island Lake
Views of the lake. Shoreline views.

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Boats on Shore
island Lake is a popular fishing destination. Boat launch at Island Lake

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Ship Ahoy Mate
Setting out fishing from boat launch. Boat Launch at Island Lake.

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Cruising on Island Lake island Lake boating and canoeing.

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