Oyama Park on Kalamalka Lake Community park on Kalamalka Park
Entrance Sign
Welcome to Kaloya Park Access to Kaloya Park.

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Viewing Bench
Sitting benches in Kaloya Park Views of Kalamalka Lake

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Swing sets in the playground. Childrens park in Oyama.

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Picnic Shelter
Shelter for events and gatherings. Picnic area in Oyama.

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Picnic in Oyama.
Families enjoying time together picnicking Picnic park in Oyama.

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Lily Pads
Shoreline cove in park. Lily pad pod.

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Kalamalka Lake
Beautiful views from park. Lake views in Kaloya Park.

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Residential Homes
Shoreline views and Kalamalka Lake. Shoreline views from park.

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Paddling on Kalamalka Lake in Kaloya Park A day and a canoe.

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Stopping in Kaloya Park in Oyama. Recreational boating on Kalamalka Lake.

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