Wildlife in the Okanagan Valley Animals caught on film located in the Okanagan Valley
Bald Eagle on its perch.

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Birds on Beaver Lake Birdwatching in Lake Country.

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Wildlife spotted in Summerland Marmot on the Rails

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Buffalo sanctuary in Summerland Mom and kid in Summerland

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Marmot and Birds
Wildlife in Summerland Birdwatching

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Swimming in the Sun
Suntanning Turtles Oliver turtles at Sawmill Lake.

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Painted Turtles
They call the lake home. Turtles sunbathing

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Horseback Riding
Trails in the area for horseback Horseback Riding in the region

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A Campers Pet
Horses left to graze Horse tours in area.

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Grazing Horses
Shade and some grass Horses grazing near the lake.

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Yellow Headed Blackbird
Birdwatching in the park Birds are abundant in park

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On the rails in the wild Marmot in the Okanagan

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Birdwatching Birding in the wildlife

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Moose couple enjoying the marsh Moose in the wild

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Toonie Size
Bug in the wild Bugs gone wild

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