Hiking and mountain bike park Okanagan Valley Recreation Park
Trestle #17
Trestle in the park as part of the KVR Kettle Valley Rail Trail in park

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Access Roads
Gravel road to park Backcountry roads to park

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Herds of cows along side of gravel road to park Farming on the way to park

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Cattle Guard
Gravel roads leading into the park Access road leading into the park

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Mountain Bike Trails
A network of trails used for hiking and biking Hydro lines and trails

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Canyon Views
Views from Myra Canyon Views of the mountains and horizon

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Tote Trail
Hiking trail in the park A child waits at the trailhead

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Views from Park
Beautiful sights fromthe KVR Trail in park Trail views

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Springtime colors Rainbows of flowers

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Rock Work
Cliffs on the KVR Jagged cliffs on the KVR

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Trestle #17
Surviving trestle from forest fire Trestle #17 and #13 in the background on KVR

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Rock hillside cut for train tracks
Rock blasted from the past KVR rock work

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Remains of Trestle #15
KVR remnants from forest fire Remains of trestle below

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Trestle #18
Person enjoying views from rebuilt trestle Rebuilt trestle on KVR

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Myra Bellevue Park  Sign
Park sign on backcountry gravel roads Directional sign leading to park

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