Saltery Bay, BC Canada - Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Trailhead
Sunshine Coast Trailhead
The beginning of it all.. one foot in front of the other Directional arrows to some trails including the Sunshine Coast Trail -
Welcome to Sunshine Coast
Welcome sign as you get off the BC Ferry in Saltery Bay Welcome sign entering Sunshine Coast from Saltery Bay

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Sunshine Coast Trail Welcome Sign
Trailhead sign as you arrive in saltery Bay from BC Ferry Terminal Trailhead sign in Saltery Bay

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BC Ferry front row seats
BC Ferry front row seats

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eh eh Captain
The bridge of the BC Ferry Looking up at the bridge from the front of the BC ferry

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Looking out BC Ferry doors
Looking out BC Ferry doors

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The beautiful waters of Jervis Inlet
The beautiful waters of Jervis Inlet

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Boating near Saltery Bay
Boating near Saltery Bay

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Docking BC Ferry
Docking BC Ferry

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BC Ferry
BC Ferry leaving Saltery Bay BC ferry leaving Saltery Bay for Earl's Cove

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Boats moored off the coastline
Off shore moorage near Saltery Bay Boats moored off the coastline

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Sailboats pull in from Jervis Inlet Many sailboats in from the winds

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Walk the Pier Brother walkng the planks viewing boats Taking a look from the end of the Saltery Bay Marina pier.

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Local Private Marina
Boats moored for the day Moored boats in Saltery Bay

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Tug Flat Deck
Boat used to tranport cargo like vehicles Moored transport boat in Saltery Bay

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Saltery Bay BC Ferry Terminal
EH, what is with all the fog today? Docking bay of the BC Ferries near Saltery Bay

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