Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake
Views from road above the lake
Skookumchuck Narrows
Skookumchuck Narrows
Entrance sign leading to the trailhead to the falls
eh Canada Adventure Jeep
eh Canada Adventure Jeep
Taking in some shade in Egmont
Klien Lake
Klien Lake
Views of the lake
North Lake
North Lake

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North Lake
North Lake

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First Nation Art
Waterfront Totem Pole

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Where is the water again? Tugboat

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Village Homes
Waterfront living Egmont Village Homes

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Princess Louisa Inlet
Views of the entrance into boating paradise Princess Louisa Inlet

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Museum Murals
More Murals

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PO Box Please
Local Post Office

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Museum Mural
Murals Located near Falls

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Beached Anchor
Anchor Lost its Way

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Entrance Sign
Don Busch Park

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Egmont Waterfront
Scrambled down to tideline for harbour picture eh.

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Egmont Pier
Looking down the pier in Egmont

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People take a walk at high tide along the rocky shore.

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Egmont Park
Local park in the community of Egmont

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