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Northwest Territories

Road trip to Hay River, NWT. Then a scary but fun float plane ride to an island on the mouth of Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River!
10 November 2015
Has to be the coolest sign in Canada that I've seen yet!
10 November 2015
Was the most beautiful thing to just walk up to. Straight out of the movies
Twin Falls Gorge, NWT
10 November 2015
Frozen Great Slave Lake and a ton of untouched wilderness! Beautiful view from a float plane.
10 November 2015
Watching the Ice-burgs go by, we played the shape game like you would with clouds ;)
10 November 2015
Saw a cute boat stuck out in the water, so I wadded my way over to fish a bit. Mackenzie River, NWT
10 November 2015
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