Twin Falls Lodge

Mom and I went up to Northern Saskatchewan to a fishing resort in the middle of no where. I couldn't believe how much there was to see and do up either other than fish! Beautiful
6 October 2015
Mom and I with the TV crew from WildTV (FishCamp)
6 August 2015
Our hosts for the week and the TV crew from Wild TV (FishCamp)
6 August 2015
Oldest building in Saskatchewan!
Stanley Mission Anglican Church
Built 1854/01/01 to 1860/12/31
4 August 2015
Our guide Cameron and Mom checking out some scenery on Mountain Lake, Sask
4 August 2015
Something the size of a dog sitting on the top of a tree...that could only be a bald eagle ;)
4 August 2015
Pretty sure this was "Jim's Falls". My guide, Cameron, was awesome. He knew I loved waterfalls, so he brought me to a whole bunch of them while I was staying here. And even left me at some, haha
4 August 2015
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