All over this beautiful province.
1 May 2018 at Alberta, Canada
This is the first falls you see on this relatively easy hike. If you go all the way you will see 7-10 waterfalls. You can even walk in behind this one.
17 July 2018
Easy access to walk in behind the falls for a cool experience. Be careful. Wear proper shoes for slippery ground.
17 July 2018
Troll Falls is a great easy hike in Kananaskis, Alberta. Follow the water and you'll find 7-10 different waterfalls along the way.
17 July 2018
Easy access from the Highway to these falls. Located in Lundbreck, AB. Lots of other cool things to see and do in the area
18 September 2018
Moraine Lake, Alberta. The road to get here is only open from May to October. It's a bit smokey from all the forest fires around.
30 July 2018
An intermittent lake on the top of Nose Hill Park in Calgary. Never knew it existed. Wonder how long it will stick around for.
1 May 2018 taken in Nose Hill Park, 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T3K 2P6, Canada.
So many little waterfalls and this decent size one. I'm sure this time of the year is best for that with the snow run off. A nice small hike with a nice picnic area and part of the spring kids were playing around in. Dog friendly trail.
26 April 2018 taken in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, Big Hill Springs Rd, Cochrane, AB T0L, Canada.
View from a lookout point on the trail. Kananaskis, Alberta. Near Barrier Lake.
30 April 2018 taken in Barrier Lake, Kananaskis, AB T0L, Canada.
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