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Many awesome adventures to be had in Saskatchewan!
28 September 2015
Notice the birds nest with the resident who I'd say is quite a lucky bird with a beautiful view

Buffalo Pound Lake
7 July 2019 ·   1 year ago taken in  
A nice afternoon fishing and canoeing in Saskatchewan
16 June 2018 ·   2 years ago taken in   Buffalo Pound Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
While out canoeing in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, we saw at least 4 large beavers and a baby beaver who were all quite active. In an out of the water and chewing up sticks. Wasn't worth trying to fish with them all around.
16 June 2018 ·   2 years ago
Ice fishing Buffalo Pound Lake, SK
31 March 2016 ·   5 years ago
Canada's Snowbirds putting on a show in Moose Jaw, SK
23 October 2015 ·   5 years ago
Was raining like crazy, so it made walking threw here alone extra creepy. Such a neat place. Near Hafford, Saskatchewan
6 August 2015 ·   5 years ago
Crooked Bush, SaskatchewanLocated west of Blaine Lake is a grove of incredible Poplar trees.
6 August 2015 ·   5 years ago
Saskatchewan's Largest Tree!!!! I had to put my waders, rubber boots and rain coat on to go threw some heavy bush in the rain. But it was worth it to see :) Located South of Blaine Lake on Hwy #12 down Tree Road
6 August 2015 ·   5 years ago
Lake Waskesiu, Saskatchewan
9 September 2014 ·   5 years ago
Pretty river near Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan
9 September 2014 ·   5 years ago
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