Ontario, yours to discover!!

Ontario is huge! Something for everyone here. North, South, central...all so different :)
28 March 2016
Ontario (private back country lake)
28 March 2016 ·   4 years ago
Hidden down a beautiful, hard to find, little trail in the woods of Havelock, Ontario. Had to stop and snap a picture
15 November 2016 ·   4 years ago
Partially frozen Niagara Falls (USA side)
View from Canada across to the USA.
Canadian Horseshoe falls is just to the right of these falls. But this one was far more frozen then ours.
March, 2014.
Niagara Falls, Ontario
15 November 2016 ·   4 years ago
Beautiful light shows every year in Niagara Falls around the holiday time
Winter Festival of Lights, Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario
15 November 2016 ·   4 years ago
Not a great quality picture, old cell phone. But I slowed down to let the beaver cross the road, and he posed for me afterwards :)
Havelock, Ontario
2 May 2017 ·   3 years ago
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