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Vancouver Island Campgrounds & RV Parks

Campgrounds and RV Parks...

The selection of campgrounds vary on Vancouver Island. There are National and Provincial Parks with campgrounds. There are municipal, community, association and private campgrounds located near and within many of the communities on the island. There are forestry and wilderness recreation campsites located in the backcountry wilderness regions of the island.

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Most park campgrounds are located on prime wilderness real estate like an ocean, river, sandy beach or lake. Some are strategically located for accessing popular hiking trails, backpacking routes, paddle routes, fishing holes, etc. The activity routes often lead to backcountry tenting sites located in the deepest regions of the park. All Provincial and National Parks require a fee for campground services.

Private campgrounds are maintained and managed locally by a family or a manager. A private campground is, generally, ideally located close to a community or in a community. Some are located on beaches, lakes, oceans while others on highways, gravel roads or close to downtowns.

Municipal and association campgrounds are located within the local communities on Vancouver Island. In general, they are operated by a local club or the city itself. Many of the services and attributes of a municipal and association campground are similar to the services of a private campground.

Forestry campsites are the most rugged campgrounds on Vancouver Island. They tend to be very remote and very basic. Most are accessed via a network of gravel roads. Some are not suitable for campers or RVs. The campground provides campers a place to camp and maybe a pit toilet. Some require a fee for camping and some are free of charge - you just have to get there.

Peak camping months on Vancouver Island are from May to September. Although camping is enjoyed year round as many of the private campgrounds operate year round. Campgrounds should be booked in advance, especially on weekends and holidays.

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