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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island, British Columbia sightseeing tours provide you an "up close and personal" view of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Pacific Ocean. Some sightseeing tours explore communities while others experience regions. There are tours by foot, horse carriage, water taxi, pedicab, bus, boat, yacht, floatplanes, helicopters, rail and more.


Vancouver Island Sightseeing Tour Tips

  1. Try to book your sightseeing tour in advance.
  2. Research all tours as they vary greatly in amenities, extras and price.
  3. Dress appropriately for inside and outside.
  4. Wear a good pair of shoes for walking and for when you are sitting.
  5. Make sure your batteries are charged in your camera.

Featured Vancouver Island Sightseeing Tour Destinations

Sightseeing tours operating on Vancouver Island provide tours exploring communities, wildlife, coastlines and/or other geographical highlights. There are tours exploring the City of Victoria (bus), the Gulf Islands (air), Cowichan Valley Wine Route (van), Broken Islands Group and Clayoquot Sound (boat) to name a few.

Explore With a Sightseeing Tour on Vancouver Island

To plan and research your next sightseeing tour experience with a Vancouver Island attraction please visit our communities on this website. In each Vancouver Island community is an "Attraction" category which lists participating sightseeing tours or for a quick find, use our website search feature.

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