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Duck Pond Trail in Houston, British Columbia, Canada is a very popular community walking trail exploring the aspen and willow tree forest surrounding a wetland pond visited by many birds. The loop trail follows a hard-packed earthy trail that is level and suitable for all ages including people in wheelchairs, babies in strollers, people with dogs (on leash) and kids on bikes.

The highlight of the route are the viewing benches, the aspen forest and a viewing platform situated along the trail for all to use. During the summer and early fall months the wetlands are visited by many ducks. An occurrence that attracts birdwatchers and families to the wetlands area to walk, talk and hang out with the birds.

Wetlands are crucial to the future of British Columbia's wildlife and environment. How important? Well 1/4 of all birds, 1/3 of all mammals and reptiles... and 1/2 of all amphibians depend on wetlands to survive. The plants surviving in a wetland environment filter the water removing chemicals and nutrients. A larger wetland environment can affect the local climate making it warmer when it is cold out and cooler when it is warm out.

The Duck Pond Walking Trail was once a big empty hole being left behind for nothing until nature claimed it back. As years went by water slowly filled the hole creating a wetlands environment. Soon later, the plants revived themselves and the wildlife returned to the area. In 1998 the Duck Pond Walking Trail was established and in 2001 a viewing platform was constructed.

The trail is a haven for birds. Some of the birds seen visiting the pond during the summer include the Common Goldeneye, American Coot, Wood Duck, Mallard Duck and Blue Winged Teal. It is important to try not to disturb the ducks during nesting. It is best to interact when the ducks make the first move.

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Duck Pond Trail
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Located in: Houston
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