St. Mary Spring Trail

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St. Mary's Spring Trail

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The St. Mary Spring Trail is a short single track climb up the side of the hill to some views of Hecate Strait. The trail can be muddy (wear good boots). The mud hike has plenty of tree roots and deadfall to avoid. It adds some additional adventure to the trek. In many cases, the muddier the better, right?

St. Mary Springs - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryThe trail is a one way trail so coming back down the hill you hiked up can get slippery and it is steep. Control your speed on your descent as roots are exposed and leaves and moss are slippery.  

The trail, although offers ocean views, is not the attraction. The significance of St. Mary Spring Trail is the drinking fountain, the wooden carving of a Madonna and the poem. The spring and the drinking well attracts the most visitors. Legends say if you drink from the spring, you will return to Haida Gwaii Islands again. So, who wants to return to Haida Gwaii?

Praying from the side of the highway - complete with offerings at her feet of shells, rocks and sweet grass - stands St. Mary. She is one of the first wood carvings on the side of Hwy 16 driving north of Skidegate along with the Black Bear at Jungle Beach by Ted Bellis. A carver and a respected member of the Haida Gwaii people known for his caring soul and hospitality.

There is also a hand written poem, "A Little Spring", by Charles Mackay posted nearby on a tree that caught our eye.
A little spring has lost its way
Amid the grass and fern;
A passing stranger scooped a well
Where weary men might turn.
He walled it in. And hung with care

A ladle at the brink.
He thought not of the deed he did
But hoped that some might drink.
He passed again. And ?? The well
By summers never dried.
Had cooled ten thousand parching tongues
And saved a life beside.

Eplore St. Mary Spring Trail in Skidegate, British Columbia, Canada


St. Mary Spring Trail
haida gwaii


Located in: Haida Gwaii

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