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Special Guests Talk Downtown Revitalization, Tourism Development, Community Marketing Programs – EH? Travel Talk Show

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Downtown Revitalization, Tourism Development, Community Marketing Programs

Our special guests in the month of July 2020 tackle some tough issues and questions pertaining to tourism, rural towns and downtown revitalization during COVID 19

Community and Tourism Strategists, Futurists, Experts, Consultants join the Brothers of Tourism on the EH? Travel Talk Show

  Downtown & Tourism Development Consultants discuss some very innovative community marketing, branding and revitalization programs in play during and post COVID 19 in Canada and beyond.  What a month for learning about community branding, development, and marketing. Guests from around North America sat down with myself and Colin, every Tuesday at 7 PM (pst) for an hour on our EH? travel Talk Show. As a result we discussed some serious issues including downtown revitalization, tourism’s new abnormal, set backs, opportunities, and community branding and development. Below is a list of our guests, a descriptions and links to the show. Enjoy!

AMBER PAPOU – President Keystone Strategies Inc

“How do we move forward in COVID 19 for tourism development, online education and community marketing?” 

Amber Papou, B.Ed, MBA (aka Pa-Pow) President of Keystone Strategies Inc. and SelfDesign Learning Foundation joins us on the EH? Travel Talk Show. Amber brings over 20 years of experience in corporate and non-profit leadership, education, technology start ups, stakeholder engagement and government relations. We discuss such topics as remote working, tourism development, corporate pivoting, industry innovation, changing business environments, and small and rural community tourism marketing during and post COVID 19. HASH TAGS USED: #innovation #onlineeducation #remoteworking #corporate #industryinnovation #change #communitytourism #communitymarketing #ruralcanada




TANIA STEWART & TOM REYNOLDS – Award Winning Community Influencers

“How we are growing our small town during COVID 19 using a NEW INNOVATIVE made-in-Canada community marketing program”

Every small town should watch this interview when tourism development is front and centre in their community! Tania Stewart and Tom Reynolds share how their Experience Nicola Valley Program, a first in Canada, is growing their small town during Covid19 and far into the future. Your hosts, the Tourism Brothers, interview Tania and Tom and discuss the benefits and the impressive results of this “Made-In-Canada” innovative small and rural community marketing program on their hit show EH? Travel Talk Show. You saw it here first!

HASH TAGS USED: #community #communitypride #economicdevelopment #communitymarketing #ruraltourism #communityprogram #smalltown #canada #tourism #tourismmarketing #contentmarketing #communityblogger #madeincanada #marketing



NIGEL MACK – Canadian Chicago Blues Man 

“What is up with the blues, his instruments, his influences, and the new music reality?”

Summer is music concert season. COVID19 has put a halt on concerts, and live performances. EH? Travel Marketing Group are picking up the slack this summer by sitting down with famous and up-and-coming Canadian musicians and putting them in the spotlight introducing the world to some of our great personalities and musical talents. Live performances and all. Nigel Mack, Chicago based Canadian Blues Musician, joins the Brothers of Tourism on the EH? Travel Talk Show. Nigel talks the blues, his instruments, his influences, the new music reality and then closes the show with 2 live performances rocking it out on his slide guitar named Rusty and his harmonica. Support your Canadian musicians buy their music. HASH TAGS USED: #blues #concert #bluesmusic #chicagoblues #musicconcert #bluesconcert #virtualconcert



ROGER BROOKS – Destination Development Association

“How important is your downtown to the health of your community?”

Roger Brooks of Destination Development Association , a community development and branding specialists, consultant and futurist, joins your hosts Greg “Gug” Girard and Colin Girard, the Brothers of Tourism, on the EH? Travel Talk Show. Roger discusses small town resiliency, downtown branding, domestic travel, emerging travel trends, community development and engagement pre and post covid19 . HASH TAGS USED: #communitymarketing #community #branding #smalltown #ruraltourism #communitybranding #canadamatters #tourismmatters #travelcanada #traveltrends




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