There is a big push in some tourism circles to have some of our British Columbia geography renamed. They suggest to have some of our BC geography reflect the First Nation people and history. It is an effort to have British Columbia better remember and honour our long First Nation past.

The two  biggest name changes being suggested include Georgia Strait to Salish Sea and Queen Charlotte Islands to Haida Gwaii. It is really not that drastic of a suggestion. I, for one, think it is a great idea!

We as a tourism industry should be sharing our First Nation history with the world. It is fascinating, educational and teaches us a thing or two on how  to respect the land and wildlife.  First Nation tourism attracts allot of attention but it is heavily under-marketed and fragmented.

Haida Gwaii means ” A Place of Wonder”. The locals living on Queen Charlottes already refer to the islands as Haida Gwaii. When we were there, the islands were  more Haida Gwaii feeling than they were Queen Charlottes by a long shot.

The islands are charming.  The beaches.. well lets just say some of the best in British Columbia. And then there are the Totem Poles, carvings, canoes and First Nation art galleries.

If anything Haida Gwaii sounds better  for marketing the islands as a destination. It refers closely to the history of the islands.  Haida Gwaii Islands and the  Gwaii Haanas National Park.. has a great ring to it. Why not name the islands Haida Gwaii.. the locals want it and I have not come across a good agument yet on why not to. Arguments like it may cost allot for changing names on maps and so forth .. get over it,  that is no excuse for not forging forward with tourism.

If you want to learn more about the Queen Charlotte Islands-Haida Gwaii then please visit the best website on earth for that region –  Haida Gwaii .  It is jammed packed with every park, community on the islands and includes a massive photo galllery.

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