You start off a day with a plan for researching.  The night before you plan your routes so you are not going around in circles while you research and document attractions and activities.

The next day I set out with my camera, a video and a note pad.  And then somewhere along the way you stumble onto a spot which is a beautiful surprise. Often it is a destination which is not well known or well marketed by the neighbouring communities.  It becomes a pleasant surprise!

Today was such a day. This morning Bro and I woke up at Cavan Lake. It is a nice spot surrounded by grasslands, fronting a snake of a lake. In the sky are falcons preying on rodents and pelicans bathing on the shore of the lake.

Bro and I, both set off to check out Cypress Hills InterProvincial Park. It is about an hours drive south of  Medicine Hat, Alberta on Hwy 41S (Buffalo Trail).

In the park is a small enclave named Elkwater Village. It is situated at an elevation of 1500 metres on Elkwater Lake.  The park has 3 lakes, 6+ campgrounds, a magnificent lakefront walkway (picture above), wildlife  and some amazing lake scenery.

We liked it so much we headed back to Cavan Lake and hooked up the travel pods (trailers) and moved our base camp to Cypress Hills. Here we stay and research and get some computer work down.

Now we are surrounded by trees, wildlife and serenity. Ahhh… what a great working environment. An environment made for creativity and reflection.

Moving has its advantages..

Be well, Be active.

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