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Travel Partners
RV Motorhome Rentals in Canada

Rent an RV - Discover Canada

Imagine the freedom of experiencing Canada as our guest, as you cruise through breathtaking landscape at your own pace and stop where and when you want... Our custom-built motorhomes guarantee comfort and convenience. They are easy to drive and require no special license.


Why Choose CanaDream RV Rentals:

  • checkA worry free RV experience with 24/7 roadside assistance for the duration of your rental.
  • checkConvenient locations with 7 RV rental sites across Canada.
  • checkOnline trip planning tools to enhance your Canadian RV Vacation experience.
  • checkAn easy to drive RV, no special license needed.


TC-A Maxi Travel Camper
sleeps 2 adults + 1 child
DVC Deluxe Camper Van
sleeps 2 adults
SVC Super Camper Van
sleeps 2 adults + 2 child
 MH-A Midi Motorhome
sleeps 4 adults + 2 children
 MH-A Midi Motorhome
sleeps 4 adults + 2 children

RV Video Gallery

General Promotional Video
General Promotional Video
Maxi Motorhome (MHA)
Maxi Motorhome (MHA)
TCA RV Video
TCA Motorhome
Midi Motorhome (MHB)
Super Van Camper (SVC)
Deluxe Van Camper (DVC)

Pickup / Drop Off Locations:

Calgary - Edmonton - Halifax - Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver - Whitehorse
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Why Get Travel Insurance?

What would you pay for peace of mind?
Protect your family while traveling
  • checkFor a few cents a day, travel insurance protects you, the ones you love, and your belongings from the financial nightmare of an accident or sudden illness on a trip, and from unexpected expenses if you miss a flight or if your luggage is stolen.
  • checkAre you a Canadian resident? Many provincial or territorial health insurance plans only cover you for specific health expenses incurred in your home province or territory.
  • checkAre you a visitor to Canada? Travelling outside your country of residence without travel insurance could leave you stranded and your finances strained from an accident or sudden illness.
  • checkAre you relying on credit card insurance? Some credit cards do offer travel insurance, but these plans often have limited benefits and coverage.
  • checkWithout adequate travel insurance, a broken arm from being hit by a car could cost you or your family thousands of dollars in unplanned bills for medication, doctor visits and hospital stays, as well as additional daily expenses.
  • Spend a little now—and save a whole lot later. Why wouldn't you get travel insurance?

Insurance Products:

Enhance your travel experience with our travel medical and non-medical insurance plans:

  • checkVisitors to Canada Medical Insurance
    What does travel insurance include?
    • Emergency medical insurance
    • Option to enhance coverage for pre-existing health conditions
    • Single and multi trip plan options and various trip lengths to choose from
    • Additional coverages
  • checkVisitors to Canada Travel Insurance
    Our most popular medical and non-medical insurance plans for visitors to Canada, new immigrants or returning Canadians, in one convenient insurance package.
  • checkBaggage Insurance 
    Providing coverage for your belongings and valuables while travelling.
  • checkAccidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance 
    Insuring you and your loved ones for accidents.


  • checkWhy should I buy travel insurance?
    Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, travel insurance protects you on your trip anytime and anywhere, in case of medical and family emergencies, travel delays or theft.
  • checkIf I get sick or injured while travelling, won't the provincial government health care plan pay for the medical expenses?
    The provincial government health care plan provides only limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of Canada; expenses such as ambulance services, emergency dental treatment and prescription drugs may not be covered by some provincial health insurance plans. Without travel insurance, a broken arm or even the flu could turn into a substantial medical bill, potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you thought you would spend on your trip.
  • checkOther than medical insurance, what Travel Underwriters' travel coverage is available?
    Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance protects you from extra expenses associated with cancelling, changing or interrupting a trip for reasons beyond your control. Baggage Insurance protects you from spending more on your trip than you planned, should your belongings be lost, stolen or damaged. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance covers you if you are injured on your trip. Rental Car Protection provides coverage against damage to your rented or leased vehicle.
  • checkWhy do I need additional travel insurance if credit card coverage is available?
    Some credit cards provide basic travel insurance, but you must read the fine print to find out exactly what's covered, under what conditions, and what the benefits and limits are. The coverage may apply for a limited time period, or be available only up to a certain age. Credit card coverage is also usually only applicable if the trip is paid for with your credit card.
  • checkDoes Travel Underwriters offer family coverage?
    Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance; and Baggage Insurance plans. You and your spouse (legal or common-law) must be 59 years and under to purchase any of these plans. Your children can be included in family coverage as long as they are unmarried, 21 years or under and still living with you; or if they are 25 years or under and attending school full time. Dependent children over 21 years of age with a mental or physical disability are also covered.
  • checkIf I am over the age of 60 and have a few medical conditions, can I still purchase travel insurance?
    Yes, but some exclusions and limitations may apply depending on your health status. Please refer to the official policy wording of the insurance you are interested in purchasing, for more details.
  • checkDo I really need to read the official policy wording?
    It is useful to read the policy wording carefully and to take it along on your trip; your official policy wording includes the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, and as with any insurance, some of these terms may limit the benefits payable in the event of a claim. Refer to your policy wording to clarify insurance details, and to access important customer service and claims contact numbers.
  • checkHow do I purchase Travel Underwriters' travel insurance?
    You can purchase Travel Underwriters' travel insurance through this website or by contacting Travel Underwriters' customer service at 1-800-663-5389 or by asking for our products at your local insurance broker, bank, credit union or automobile association.
  • checkAre sports-related injuries covered?
    Injuries related to sports are covered if you are injured while participating in recreational sports outside your home province, as long as you are not a professional athlete or earning the majority of your income from the sport in which the injury occurred.
  • checkCan I cancel a policy?
    Most plans can be cancelled before or on the effective date found on the policy application form, but may not be cancelled after the effective date. To cancel a policy or for more information, please contact Travel Underwriters' customer service at 1-800-663-5389.
  • checkIs this a secure website?
    Yes. Travel Underwriters Online is certified by VeriSign, Inc. as a secure site and has a VeriSign Secure Server ID. All information is sent to our site through a Secure Socket Layer session that is encrypted, protecting your information against third party disclosure. Look for the "lock" symbol on the bottom of your browser screen, or click on VeriSign Secure Site logo to verify our status. Please visit VeriSign for more information.
  • checkWhat is Travel Underwriters' policy on privacy?
    The protection of your personal information is very important to us. Our high standards for privacy protection comply with Canada's new privacy laws.
    Policyholder information is gathered at the time of application to determine the premium and appropriate coverage. If a loss occurs, we may need medical information to help provide the best possible assistance, arrange care and possible medical evacuation, and to determine coverage. The information is used only as needed and is maintained securely for the period required by law.

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