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Meewasin Park
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

( picnicking, walking, biking, jogging, roller blading, xc skiing )Meewasin Park

Meewasin Park is a green space park in the Meewasin Valley located on the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River in the community of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

monument20090729 880001Meewasin Park is part of the Meewasin Valley park and trail system. The Meewasin Valley Trail measures 60+ kilometres and connects to many picnic day use sites, activity destinations, lookouts and riverfront parks including Meewasin Park.

canonrebelThe park is the northern most park in the Meewasin Valley on the west bank of the South Saskatchewan River. The parkland is a natural green space area with large sections of well maintained grass lawns and groves of trees.

Meewasin Park is a large elongated park following Spadina Drive and the banks of the river. Much of the park is manicured and has very little building development.

Meewasin Park includes a day use area with picnic tables. Nearby, there is a children's playground, washrooms and a stone art monument. And at the south end of the park is the Capilano Lookout providing views of the city.

The paved Meewasin Trail explores through the park providing access for hiking, biking, roller blading and jogging in the summer months and cross country skiing in the winter season.

Along the Meewasin valley Trail are sightseeing benches. The side trails which branch off the main trail provide access to river views and, in some cases, the river's edge.

Explore south on the Meewasin Valley Trail from Meewasin Park and connect with Archibald Park and the Mendal Riverbank.

How to Get to Meewasin Park - Saskatoon, Sask.

Travel to the community of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. From the South Saskatchewan River in the community travel north on Idylwyld Drive to 22nd Street and turn right (east). Follow 22nd to Spadina Crescent and turn left. Continue on Spadina to the park.

Meewasin Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada EH!