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Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
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Lloydminster is Canada's only border city. Half the community is built in the province of Saskatchewan and the other half is built in the province of Alberta. Main Street (Hwy #17) is the provincial border dividing the community referred to as the 4th meridian.

The provincial border in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan is well identified by four 100 foot tall red survey markers dominating the skyline. The four markers are symbols representing the history of the area - the First Nation people, the oil and gas industry, the Barr Colonists and agriculture.

The community of Lloydminster is situated in, what is called, the Central Parkland Region. It is a rolling-hill type landscape consisting of forests, farm fields, grasslands, wetlands and lakes.

During the summer months some of the activities enjoyed in the region include biking, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, picnicking, canoeing, birdwatching, camping, kayaking and swimming.

The Lloydminster area is well represented by history, therefore sightseeing and day trips are very popular activities for travelers. Many stay in the community while exploring historical sites and heritage centres in the surrounding smaller villages, hamlets and towns.

When winter arrives, the snow covers the pathways and parks in Lloydminster providing a winter wonderland of activity including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, ice skating and tobogganing.

There is a Lloydminster mall, downtown retail area and "Big Box" stores on the highway providing many opportunities for shopping, browsing and for restocking supplies.

Some of the services in Lloydminster important to travelers include accommodations, campgrounds, restaurants, banks, coffee houses, gas stations, grocery stores, internet, laundromat, attractions, coffee houses and more.{jcomments off}

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