Canada eh Travel & Adventure ( ) is a self researched travel  and tourism website with thousands of web pages of original content and pictures. 

With so much information we are bound to press a wrong key or use a wrong word here and there. Plus tourism information changes quickly and sometimes we are not notified. So... it is understandable that there may be a few errors. 
A second set of eyes never hurt any project. 

We kindly request that you take a few minutes to email us any spelling errors and/or incorrect information that you may come across while researching on our travel websites.

If at anytime while researching on our travel websites you come across any information which we should be aware of that is not on the up and up, then please contact us and we will review the information for possible correction.

All suggestions will be considered but not all correction suggestions will be applied. We have the final say if corrections will be applied.

Possible Corrections:

  • business no longer operating is listed on the website.
  • incorrect phone numbers
  • spelling errors 
  • old park and trail information 

Please supply the following when making correction suggestions:

  1. Include link to the page where you feel a correction is required.
  2. Be specific on what you suggest should be corrected.
  3. Email us at admin [at] to submit correction suggestions to our English Department.

We thank you for your correction suggestions!

Colin and Greg... and the EH TEAM